RHQ The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers

Update as at 1 Jul 13


1. Op OLYMPICS and VHR.   70 Gurkha Field Squadron (Search) provided venue security at the OLYMPICS.  A troop from the Sqn was also stood by for any Very High Readiness deployment.

2 HERRICK 17.   69 Sqn has successfully completed their Op HERRICK 17 tour and have started their normalisation.

3 HERRICK 18.   Following successful completion of Pre-Deployment Training, 6 x Junior ranks from the Tp have been deployed on Op H18 in the Advanced Search role as part the of 50 Fd Sqn (Search).  

4 HERRICK 19.   2 x RESTs are on Pre-Deployment Training in preparation for deployment on H19.  The team will deploy to Afghanistan in Sep 13.

5. Ex SAILFISH (Kenya).   Majority of the 70 Sqn personnel have currently deployed on Ex SAILFISH (Kenya) until mid Jul 13. The Sqn has been tasked to construct elements of an Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) at Laikipia Air Base (East).  


6. The Regiment is in the process of re-rolling to Force Support from its current Search role.  The changes will see 69 and 70 Gurkha Field Sqn (Search) changing their role to Gurkha Field Sqn.

7. The QGE liability under A2020 will remain as 284.  Current QGE held strength as at 13 Jun 13 is 318.

8. Redundancy.   The T1, T2 and T3 redundancy results are as follows:

Rank Tranche 1 Tranche 2 Tranche 3*
Capt 1 - -
Sgt 1 - -
Cpl 4 3 2
Lcpl 6 10 5
Spr 1 9 2
Total 13 22 9

*The Tranche 3 Redundancy figure will be confirmed after the announcement on 18 Jun 13.

9. Transfer.  The Regt has seen many of our soldiers transferring to the Corps of Royal Engineers on promotion as well as level transfer to other Corps and the transfer is still continuing.  This has been good news for our young and enthusiastic Gurkha Sappers who promote the QGE as British soldiers in the Wider Army.

10. Gurkha Tp 24 Cdo Engr Regt.   Currently, 2 (1 x Sgt, 1 x Cpl) Queen’s Gurkha Engineers continue to serve with 24 Cdo at Royal Marine Barracks, Chivenor. They are expected to return to the Regiment in January 2014.


11. Search Trained.   Majority of the QGE personnel have now been Search trained.  The pass rate on the course was 99%.  All the Tp Comds and SNCOs are qualified as Royal Engineers Search Advisor (RESA), Cpls as REST Commanders and LCpls/Sprs as Scribe/Searcher.  

12. AT in Nepal.   Majority of the 69 Sqn deployed to Nepal on Ex FOUR POINTS TIGER.

13. Inter Corp Shooting 2013.   70 Sqn led the inter Corp Shooting 2013 competition and won the Corps Championship.

14. Taekwondo.   Spr Adip Lungeli won U68 kg International Championship.

15. Boxing.   Spr Victor Fombo represented Corps.

16. Mandir Extension.   The ROG led by 70 Gurkha Fd Sqn carried out the extension and refurbishment of the Mandir and added conservatory.  This is a large extension of the building where up to 100 people can now be accommodated.

17. Wildlife Heritage Project.   The ROG helped the Wild Life Heritage foundation with the construction of White Lion drive through enclosure through which a vehicle will drive the passengers up close to see and photograph the resident White Lion pride inside.


18. H17 visit.   GM QGE went to Afghanistan to visit 69 Sqn during their H17 tour.

19. Duty Trek to Nepal.   The Comdt and GM QGE went to Nepal on duty trek from 29 Apr – 10 May
13.  This has been a very successful visit when they managed to meet all RANs (RAN Dharan, RAN Kathmandu and RAN Pokhara).

18. Ex SAILFISH 13/14.   The Comdt, GM and RSM went to visit 70 Sqn in Kenya where the Sqn has been tasked to construct elements of an Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) at Laikipia Air Base (East).  

Forecast of Events

20. Trail-walker 2013.   A contingent of the 69 Sqn will deploy on exercise TW 2013 and will provide some administrative support throughout the exercise. The Sqn will also lead the running teams x 2 from the QGE.

21. QGE Birthday and Dashain 2013.   In addition, 69 Sqn will Coordinate and run the QGE Birthday and Dashain 2013 celebration.

Future A2020

23. Re-subordination.  As at 1 Oct 13 36 Engineer Regiment (Search) will re-role and re-subordinate to 36 Engineer Regiment and come under command 12 Force Support Group and be a Force Support Regiment. In addition the Regiment will also be remaining in Maidstone which is a positive step towards a Gurkha focus within Kent as well as continued links for our soldiers to resettle in the area.

24. RP&C.  Ongoing work currently to determine the RP&C role within 36 Engineer Regiment but highly likely that 1 x Tp per Fd Sqn will have an RP&C focus and training.  This will affect both 69 & 70 Fd Sqn where due to their static location will have a very positive effect on the role with continuity of course trained personnel.